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Est. 1833

MaPle Lawn Farm

Freeburg, Illinois

Text Box: 	My wife Megan, son Wyatt and I (Dwight Espenschied) reside on a farm in Freeburg, Illinois, where we raise commercial crops, cattle and train horses. We are very dedicated to our agricultural heritage as each of us grew up farming and stand as 4th generation farmers. 

	Our current farm consists of  280 tillable acres owned , 96 tillable acres rented and 40 acres of pasture rented. We plan to  expand our current tillable acres to a total of 900 acres via land purchasing and or leasing as opportunities in the local area arise.  
	Aside from agriculture, my wife works as a Registered Nurse, and I hold a career in computer technology as a Director of Technology for O’Fallon School District 203. 
	We have strived to succeed in everything we do, and we have been very fortunate that all aspects have paid back generously. Our first wave of career goals are now behind us, leaving room for a new set of goals and a desire to share with others the knowledge and beliefs that have lead us to this point.

Thank you for taking the time.

Maple Lawn Farm

Megan and Dwight Espenschied



Freeburg, Illinois 62243




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